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As engineers, MBAs, architects, do you want to upgrade your skills and keep up with the changes in India Inc? You could be a school teacher wanting to inspire young minds into green ways of living, thinking. Our mission is based on hope, on your youthful aspirations and what it can do to transform India’s business, buildings and biodiversity. A new India is being built. Be part of our plan, and win new career directions!


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It inspires teachers to learn more

If you are in the noble profession of teaching, the EcoTeach modules are indispensable. It gives you a fund of information and simple exercises that you will see helps you in shaping young minds beyond the regular environment science classes that you perhaps hold at school … Nurturing Nature acquires a whole new meaning with the EcoTeach capsules. We pack a wealth of information that is startling, that is home-grown, that you can get children to do at no cost and with little or no effort … all of it can help them live, occupy and be green… 

Make That Change

If you’re a teacher, stare at the person in the mirror. Ask, What can I do with kids at school …

A Treasure Trove for Teachers

EcoTeach offers numbers of little things as exercises you can hold at Class … on energy, on water, waste, on …

It’s a War Mission

We’ve trained a thousand teachers so far. We are setting ourselves the task of taking the message to 10,000 more. …


If you believe ideas can change life… EcoTeach capsules offer you lasting insights you can offer as a teacher to …

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EcoHour offers every Thursday a rich pile of insights, perspectives you simply can’t afford to miss. It speaks to you. It transforms the regular pro to an eco-pro. Try it. You’ll be hooked!

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