Workers clean photovoltaic panels inside a solar power plant, Gujarat.

India can be the Vishwa Guru on climate change, writes Mark Tully

Climate change is a crisis which requires much more fundamental changes than technology can provide. The fundamental changes we need are changes in the way we live our lives. I ...
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Romanticizing Biodiversity

Author- Balakrishna Pisupati, Conservation and Development Specialist (This article originally appeared here ) “We always plan too much and always think too little.”                    ...
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Revised Master Plan-2031: Revisions Only – Neither Mastery Nor Planning?

(This article on Revised Master Plan was originally written by Revathi Shiva Kumar.  ) The Revised Master Plan (RMP) 2031 is being scrutinised by the public. Most experts feel that too much ...
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India’s going electric

By, Chetan Maini, Deccan Herald Sunday. India is at a critical juncture in electric mobility. The Government of India's initial bold moves towards its target of going completely electric by ...
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Evapotranspiration Toilet, a zero waste of India

Zero Waste Toilet- The Rae Bareli Folks Adopt Evapotransipration

In 2013, locals in Rae Bareli were asked by an informal group of individuals on the toilet system they wanted. They consistently chose evapotranspiration toilet, a zero waste model which requires no ...
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women-run electric autos of India

Women-run Electric Autos in Dantewada

This is the era where women empowerment is energized with renewable energy! With the new flair for electric vehicles, women-run electric autos are becoming popular. In the supposedly backward district ...
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Electric Cars : India’s Birth Pangs

This is an abstract from a presentation Ashwin Mahesh, Director, Lithium Urban Technologies, made at the EcoHour webinar of the Responsible Cities Foundation about how electric vehicles are going to ...
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