Inviting People to Network with Ecopreneurs

by Bhakti Devi through LinkedIn

India’s Environmental Crisis

India is currently going through an environmental crisis. Evidence of the same is in the form of air pollution (1), water pollution (2) and noise pollution (3) reaching a point where public health is being adversely impacted at a much bigger scale than before (4).

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India’s rapid growth rate is also leading to a sustainability crises as most cities and towns are water stressed (5), their solid waste management (6) is in shambles (7) and there is a looming energy crisis requiring a more accelerated switch to renewable energy if the demand has to be met without contributing to the global crisis of the carbon dioxide emissions (8).

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On the other hand, the industrial agricultural practices of using unregulated and uncontrolled use of pesticides and contaminated water for irrigation have led to a situation where safe and healthy food is becoming more and more difficult to access (9). This has created a crisis on access to safe and healthy food.

India’s Ecopreneurs Bring Ray of Hope

More and more young people and those who strongly feel about the problems and crisis are channelling their despair, anger and frustration in finding creative solutions (10) (11) (12). These start-ups and entrepreneurs who are driven by the positive change they seek to bring about in their environment and for the community need to be nurtured, guided and supported to ensure their ideas are turned into monetizable products and services.

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While India has seen a rapid rise in the growth of incubators and accelerators which has been fueled by support from Central and State governments to nurture the entrepreneurial energy of the startups (13). most of these start-ups are focused on very high growth market products and services – such as Fintech, E-commerce, EduTech and other such Tech Apps (14).

Ecopreneurs of India Need Nurturing

There is, therefore, a gap and a need for an Incubator/Accelerator that can nurture and support Ecoprenreurs who are seeking to solve environmental and sustainability issues in the community while making it a sustainable business.

I have been meeting and connecting with some bright smart young and not-so-young people in and outside Bangalore who are passionately solving problems that matter for India’s environment and sustainability of its resources. Many of these ecopreneurs are in advanced stage of startup where they have proven products and services thanks to a number of Startup Hubs who are able to support the Ideation phase. It is exciting to see such high level of energy, enthusiasm and engagement by these ecopreneurs. However, they need to be supported and nurtured so that they don’t die off in the noise and attention that is more directed towards the hyper growth technical application start-ups.

Creating a Whatsapp Group for Networking with Ecopreneurs

Hence, to help connect such Ecopreneurs and many more of them who are out there with those who seek to benefit from their solutions (customers, smart cities and utility sector), and those who seek to derive the pleasure and joy of supporting, investing and mentoring these ecopreneurs, we are creating a Whatsapp Group. The group will also provide information on funding opportunities, events and act as a forum for Q&A on Ecopreneurship and Eco ventures.

Please put down your mobile numbers in the comment section to become part of the Whatsapp Group for Networking with Ecopreneurs. You may also send me an email on

The numbers put in the comment section will be added more promptly than those received by email. So, please bear with me if you choose to send your number by email.

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