EcoPro | An Altech Carleton Program for Green Professionals

It is online. It builds your ability to ask the right questions to create solutions for energy, water, waste, air management. It extends to building materials, to landscapes, to lakes and afforestation. All faculty who have designed the modules/capsules are drawn from industry. It’s 100% oriented toward solution-learning with panoramic insights into management challenges, sizing of challenge, methodology and approach to design, economics & ecology of solutions. The programmes demand about 16 hours each, of your time for Levels 1 & 2, and 32 hours for Level 3. On clearing Assessments & Evaluations, we offer you certification with the prestigious Carleton University of Canada.

The 3 Levels of the Programme

Level 1. EcoPro CP (Certified Professional)

  • 16 hours of interactive sessions
  • Condensed curriculum – faculty assisted
  • Includes Evaluation & Assessments after the programme ends
  • Accreditation: Certification from Carleton University, Canada.

Level 2. EcoPro GP (Green Professional)

  • 32 cumulative hrs of industry learning.
  • All features as above.
  • Accreditation: Certification from Carleton University, Canada.

Level 3. EcoPro XP (Expert Professional) 

  • This is the highest level.
  • Offers cumulative 64 hours of learning.
  • All features as above.
  • Accreditation: This will be awarded by Eco-Canada based on an additional evaluation to all those who successfully complete Level-3 with a minimum threshold score.

Common benefits across all programme levels

  • Helpline Ecopro. This will be available at no extra cost for every EcoPro completing the programme successfully. The HelpLine is a free option for the EcoPro for 3 months from date of ending of program. EcoPro Faculty will offer online advice and answer all questions from EcoPro CPs, GPs and XPs.
  • Free access and updates from EcoHour, the weekly webinar series with the stars of the green world. Byeond your listening to the weekly webinar, we explain insights that  the EcoHour offered.
  • All successful candidates to attach the privileged EcoPro CP GP or XP to their names. At Level 1 [CP] you are conferred Certified Professional status; at Level 2 [GP] you become Green Professional; at Level 3 of XP status, you are an Expert Professional

What do you gain from EcoPro? 

  • By becoming an EcoPro professional, you gain expertise that helps career advancement and growth.
  • Increases professional credibility 
  • Offers formal recognition and verified environmental skills and knowledge
  • Offers valuable discounts on professional development courses, webinars, and events at EcoPro or in other professional bodies.
  • Enhances professional marketability and mobility
  • Opportunity to network and get involved in a growing community
  • Be the first to know about career opportunities for EcoProfessionals in industry, government, business and other areas.
  • The AP Certification of any green rating system gives you exams on the rating system’s performance. The EcoPro XP Certification trains you to solution sustainability with hands-on knowledge of case studies and real-world case-studies.
  • All green rating agencies offer passive learning with focus on parameters and benchmarks for green buildings. EcoPro shares with you lessons and experiences that help you green those buildings – not just study benchmarks.
  • As a manager professional, an EcoPro XP learns the ‘think process’ for creating solutions.

Participating donor fee

  • The Altech Foundation is a Trust registered under the Charitable & Religious Trusts & Societies Act in India. Students and reader contributions support the Foundation’s effort in research and curating, and dissemination of information on climate change, environment & ecology with training, awareness and education in solutioning sustainability for India 2030. Your support of the Foundation constitutes a charitable donation. Your contribution is eligible for 80G relief under the Income Tax Act, 1961 in India.
  • If you have any questions about contributing to the Foundation, please contact us.