Inviting teachers who seek to be mentored on how to go green. 
Educating children is the smartest way of ensuring a future that is liveable. EcoTeach champions this very basic approach with synergies that AltechHub brings with a clutch of other supporting institutions.
EcoTeach seeks out principals who want to train teachers in the essentials of living green and occupying our schools, homes and public spaces with a softer and sensible footprint.
EcoTeach has transformed about 900 teachers with a cascading impact on nearly 25,000 children — rich, poor, middle income, of urban and of rural schools, and English-speaking or speaking the mother tongue.
What we share
EcoTeach uses objective examples of little and major things children could do to change the way they look at resources.
There are knowledge-sharing hours, insights into elements of daily life. There are engagements with neighbourhood homes, with surveys that sensitise them and home-dwellers to things they could do smart on use of energy, water or waste.
EcoTeach inculcates the habit of reading, watching films that inspire eco-action, with story-telling, music, songs, anything that can make such learning fun-filled.
Well, it isn’t just teachers who learn! The EcoTeach team enriches own understanding.
When we do right by the kids, we do well by ourselves.