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The AltechHub hosts six ‘spokes’—all dedicated to equipping MBA and Engineering professionals to understand principles of managing energy, water, waste, air quality, greening supply chain, resilience on resources management and every challenge related to buildings and infrastructure. It goes beyond green rating systems and assessments. It offers learning that helps you think through and create solutions for buildings you occupy, roads & bridges that need to be created, just about any thing that results in smarter, more efficient use of natural resources.

EcoPro. They’re short courses with courseware online.
EcoHour. Webinars the Hub presents every Thursday.
EcoTeacher. A program to train school teachers to nurture nature. among children.
ResponCities that takes AltechHub expertise to 60 cities that have grown each to one million as population.
EcoNest to mentor Ecopreneurs from 15 to 60 years with made-easy methodology … It is some inspiring learning!
SustainabilityNext. The WebMag,  that brings a host of national and global leaders in green to your doorstep, with insights on a transforming world.

AltechHub brings together all these with one goal: bring change to your every day life — at work, at home. The Hub’s 6 spokes make every young Indian graduate capable, skilled, and proficient in taking on challenges of managing energy, water, waste, air, and the severe resources crunch on materials, not to forget the threat to vegetation and green landscapes.

Change is the only constant

The very ground below is shifting. India’s landscapes are changing so rapidly that they need very quick response, and change truly is the only constant. So there is greening India’s young professionals and greening industry, business, govt agencies, consultants, civic groups and consumers. AltechHub orients its every action group to turn you into EcoPro’s so it helps you engage you with every stakeholder smartly.

Our raison d’être is to help learn step-by-step, presentation by presentation, to soften the ecological footprint of your company, to raise resource efficiency in every business and workplace, to go green in every sector, to persuade 300 million young and old ‘lifestyle Indians’ like you and me, to bring change in behaviour and help brace for the next wave of change India battles in the next decade.

6 engines of education and enabling 

Altech Foundation is the Hub for six powerful engines of education, enabling and training. To green graduates, schoolchildren and working professionals… To create resilience in new gen entrepreneurs in our cities and in our villages… To engage, edu-tain, inform consumers and consultants, and city administrations and citizens … All with one aim: to take on and be part of the rapid shifts in technology, design, approaches to solutions you need for managing energy, water, waste, air.

You help India 2030 by helping yourself 

The Altech Foundation is a Trust registered under the Charitable & Religious Trusts & Societies Act in India. Students and reader contributions support the Foundation’s effort in research and curating, and dissemination of information on climate change, environment & ecology with training, awareness and education in solutioning sustainability for India 2030 and beyond. Your support of the Foundation constitutes a charitable donation. Your contribution is eligible for 80G relief under the Income Tax Act, 1961 in India. If you have any questions about contributing to the Foundation, please contact us.

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