What is this EcoPro program about?

EcoPro is an intensive, accelerated, integrated, rapid learning program for Sustainability Education. 
It builds your ability to ask the right questions to create solutions for energy, water, waste, and air management. It extends to building materials, to landscapes, to lakes and afforestation. All faculty who have designed the modules/capsules are drawn from industry. It’s 100% oriented toward solution-learning with panoramic insights into management challenges. The courses consist of sizing of challenge, method and approach to design, economics & ecology of solutions. This is beneficial for the professionals related to the fields of construction, architecture, facility & business management and other related areas where sustainability is involved.


How many modules does the program consists of and what is their duration?

EcoPro consists of three modules and their durations are mentioned as under-

Level Course Name Duration Mode of Training


CleanTech Practitioner 16 Hours Physical Classroom*/

Virtual Classroom


Green Practitioner 32 Hours


Xpert Practitioner 64 Hours

*All the physical classroom programs and live sessions will be held on weekends.

What is the EcoPro education module?

Who should attend the program?

EcoPro is basically for Engineers, Architects, Facility Management Professionals and MBAs for job oriented learning and earning a boost on their career. An alternative program called EcoTeach is also open to teachers and social workers who wish to polish their green skills and improve themselves for a better future.

Why should one attend EcoPro?

The companies are seeking to align sustainability to their business goals, missions or values. With the rising demand for sustainability professionalsEcoPro will offer a badge of Sustainability to your qualification, which will give you an identity, and a high rising career.

What is the EcoPro Advantage?

  • Choose when you learn-Flexible and comprehensive learning.
  • Choose how you learn-Easy to opt classroom mode- Both virtual and physical.
  • Easy payment options- Financing available
  • Exclusive training from the Sustainability icons of India and abroad.
  • An internationally accredited certification from the prestigious Carleton University of Canada.
  • With Level 1 or CleanTech practitioner certification, students also secure EcoPro Helpline, to help you learn beyond the programme, with a panel of EcoPro Facilitators for the next six months.
How is the program conducted as methodology?
  • Evaluations and Assessments are global par.
  • Combination of films, breakaway groups, Delphi’s and other designed approaches of sharing and learning.

How do I enroll?

  • There’s a Contact Us Form on the website. Please sign up with details you type in.

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