What is the Watergy Pro program about?

Watergy Pro is an intense, short course learning program on Gap Analysis, Field Diagnostics and Creating & Costing Solutions for deficits in water, energy and waste management for any building and for any graduate who seeks to learn such solutions
It builds your ability to ask the right questions to create efficient solutions that will solve water and energy shortages. It’s 100% oriented toward solution-learning with panoramic insights into management challenges. The Courseware consists of sizing of challenge, method and approach to design, economics & ecology of solutions

Who should attend the program?

Watergy Pro is for budding and working Engineers, Architects, Facility Management Professionals and MBAs. It helps secure the right job, and earns a boost to any graduate’s career.

Why should you certify as a Watergy Pro?

The companies are seeking to align sustainability to their business goals, missions or values. There is a rising demand for sustainability professionals. Watergy Pro offers a badge of Sustainability to your qualification. As a Watergy CP, you secure an identity, and a high rising career.

What is the Watergy Pro Advantage?

  • It enables not merely certification but opportunity for interviews in top-flight companies as well as the option to consult on your own as a Certified Practitioner.
How is the program conducted as methodology?
  • Combination of films, breakaway groups, Delphi’s and other designed approaches of sharing and learning.
  • Over two days of interactive exchanges, questions, analysis of water or energy or waste challenges on the ground.

How do I enroll?