ResponCities takes its experts to 60 cities that today host one million as population. Can we help them learn from the Big City’s mistakes? This is serious business. Over 2,000 IAS officers are on a war mission across 142 cities and over a thousand projects that will claim a spending of over 3 trillion dollars in just the next 3-4 years. It will boost the economy on the spend, it will make the cities smart, it will hopefully make for job opportunity that India needs. This section is ‘technical’, and is easier understood by the professional smart city stakeholder.

City Tech Advisory


All about the preparatory tasks and activities

ResponCities would  train / mentor the key-stakeholders from the aspiring cities / developers to understand the basics of Smart Cities – including the framework for vision, mission and goals, various ‘smart solutions’ available it the market and their intended benefits, understanding urban planning concepts aligning cultural attitudes, etc.


Strategizing and evaluating Smart City options and risks

Experts from ResponCities team would assist the smart city team to undertake City Assessment & Profiling, formulating a Smart City Strategy, identifying potential projects, study and learns from the peers – locally and globally – evaluate implementation and operational Risks, address Cyber Threat perceptions, and establish an innovation facility to try and test the applications.


City Profiling, Benchmarking, Standards and SOPs

With their rich experience on similar projects and the dynamic data base, RCF’s experts would guide the smart city team to benchmark their proposed features with their counterparts in the rest of the world, understand the global standards and local regulations, prepare the City Protocol, Standard Operating Procedures and a detailed playbook.



ResponCities to help the SC team to digitize the existing infra and  developing a comprehensive digital Urban Information Model.

Field Devices & Networks:

ResponCities will help evaluate and choose the right field devices and networking technologies.


ResponCities to help choose the correct IOT technologies and platform to work in sync with the field devices and controlling systems .


ResponCities to assist the team to evaluate and help work / associate with the right ICT partners and service providers.

Big Data:

ResponCities tech experts will guide the SC teams to select appropriate technology and partners for Data aggregation, data analytics and app development.

Command & Control:

In coordination with the Technology partners, ResponCities experts  will help SC team to establish a Command & Control center for the purpose.


PMO, SPV, Policy and Regulations, Protocols, I&R

ResponCities would  assist the SC team in setting the required project & approval protocols, establishing the Program Management Office ( PMO )and the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that are required to run the SC activities. This would also include assistance on formulating various policies and regulations, Information, Digital Governance guidelines & Redressal Systems etc.


Citizen/Stakeholder mapping and engagement

Experts from ResponCities would also assist the smart city team to undertake the all-important Citizen Engagement, stakeholder mapping, identifying appropriate partners, generating ideas & solutions through Crowd Sourcing through various stages, developing a Good Citizen Index and establishing a working association with the global Smart Cities Network.


Cost plan, Funding and Revenue Models, Compliance

As Financing Smart Cities project gets important and complicated, ResponCities experts can help the SC team to prepare a workable cost plan, explore various funding and revenue options, and  understand the implications of Taxes and other statutory charges and set out a comprehensive Audit process for the of SC projects.


Timelines, Schedules, KPIs, Specifications and Value Engineering

ResponCities can  assist the SC team in establishing the project timelines, detailed schedules and KPIs apart from helping optimize the system Design & specification, providing value engineering and coordinating design and quality auditing.


Strategy, Evaluation, Shortlisting, Reporting and Audits

ResponCities can assist the SC Team in coordinating the Procurement process in terms of identifying, evaluating & short-listing best-in class technology / product suppliers providers, product/system integrators & operational partners apart from helping in devising the right strategy, terms of reference, coordinating  project approvals and cost reconciliation.


Framework, Demo/Pilot/Replicate projects, Close-out

ResponCities experts can also assist the SC Team in formulating the right implementation strategy and framework, coordinating Demonstration, Pilot and Replication Projects apart from organizing the Performance / Social Audits and project closure activities.

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