How to secure a green edge? 
If you know how to ask, more than half your job is done. That’s what EcoPro does to you. 
So what’s so unique about EcoPro that we claim no man has explored this territory before?
Let’s consider this. You’re an architect or an engineer or a business manager. You stand on the terrace of a building of 1,000 Sft. What’s the calculus that defines how much rainwater can be harvested from that terrace. Why will it be different in a Bombay or a Bangalore or a Jaisalmer? How much does an acre of land hold as water? When you look at a placid lake that flanks a project land, how do you know the quantum of water it holds? How do you restore or rehabilitate a lake?
Cost is today your business as Architect, Engineer too
The new age architect has to engage on costs (no, that’s not an engineer’s business alone anymore). Nor can the engineer or business manager ignore learning how energy, water, waste or air mean cost, availability of these resources. It impacts every organisation and business, every village and town, every home and neighbourhood.
Like with the human body, this envelope called a building – a home or office or hotel or any thing else – has systems that plug in and those that plug out its body.
How do you measure, monitor and manage these for financial health and the health and well-being of its occupants? The new age EcoPro has to consciously recognise the quantum of water to be consumed optimally, or the quantum discharged, or the power that a set of ACs uses, or a number of other resources that go to make a building live and breathe. There’s more you learn at the program … on lakes, on water and groundwater, on borewells and recharging, on cars and sustainability, on mountains and granite, on the aesthetics, volume and space of any building.
The physics and math of a building 
EcoPro changes the way you know the physics and math of architecture and engineering.
At end of Level 1, the EcoPro Courseware will help you learn both conceptually and in physical terms. There are two parts to the questioning and learning— Vision and Solutions.
As the learning progresses to Level 2 and 3, the courseware graduates to costs, Carbon emissions, and a number of other variables that make you smart and your building smarter.
As a young building or business manager, if you know how to ask, you’ll realise at EcoPro, more than half your job is done.
Level 3 of EcoPro is exhaustive, thorough, and opens your mind to technologies and solutions with case study learning of the parameters for decision-making for middle and senior managers.