Watergy Pro- All You Wanted To Know

What is this Watergy Pro program about?

Watergy Pro is an intense, accelerated learning program for Sustainability Education. 
It builds your ability to ask the right questions to create solutions for energy, water, waste, and air management. All faculty are drawn from industry with stalwarts from Univ of New South Wales, USAID, AEEE, World Bank, the Skills Council for Green Jobs, from global architectural practices and front-line green building companies are behind the Courseware. It’s 100% oriented toward solution-learning with hands-on, sharp, ground-up insights into managing energy, water and waste and other building management costs. The courses consist of sizing of challenge, method and approach to design, economics & ecology of solutionsAny graduate or job aspirant, or working professional has a lot to gain from the simple insights and solutions that the two-day Watergy Program now offers as real-time classroom sessions at its HQ in Bangalore.

Who should attend the program?

Watergy Pro is basically for Engineers, Architects, Facility Management Professionals and MBAs for job oriented learning and earning a boost on their career.

Why should one attend Watergy Pro?

Companies across India are seeking to align sustainability to their business goals, missions or values. The growing and serious deficits in water and energy need solutions for every company, home, hospital, hotel. With the rising demand for sustainability professionalsWatergyPro offers a badge of Sustainability to your qualification. It gives you a professional identity as a Watergy CP.

How is the program conducted as methodology?
  • Evaluations and Assessments are global par.
  • Combination of films, breakaway groups, Delphi’s and other designed approaches of sharing and learning.

How do I enroll?

  • There’s a Contact Us Form on the website. Please sign up with details you type in.

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