Thank you for your interest in this exciting programme on water, energy … We call it Watergy.
It is a two-day programme every second weekend — Saturday – Sunday – of every month.
We are Bangalore-based and so the venue will be located here. We will soon be holding Watergy programmes for professionals in other cities.
Impact Plus Watergy
You may want to read this brochure telling you of how you can be a Certified Professional of Watergy, of what the program offers, and how you gain as green edge with the program.
How do you register for Watergy?
Click here for the Registration Form? You need to be a graduate, while we will make exceptions on request. You can also be a finalist in any graduation program of any University.
Join the program. Learn from some of India’s gurus of sustainability. Meet some fine young professionals who are also taking the programme with you. You will make some excellent connections in life, build your CV powerfully with a background in sustainability, and enhance your career chances in your present job or a new one that you will find as a Watergy CP.