women-run electric autos of India

Women-run Electric Autos in Dantewada

This is the era where women empowerment is energized with renewable energy! With the new flair for electric vehicles, women-run electric autos are becoming popular. In the supposedly backward district of India, one of the most modern trends is taking place. Members of a women self-help group run 86 electric auto rickshaws in Dantewada, in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh. More than 400 more autos are expected on the roads by March 2018. A courageous venture considering that the region has a huge Naxalite influence.
These autos are exclusively women oriented- they are allowed to be driven only by women and if a man is seen driving it, the owner is penalized. The e-richshaws cost Rs.1.6 lakh – almost the same as the conventional ones. The government subsidizes 80% of the cost. The women drivers have smart phones and emergency button for extra security.
The e-autos make up to Rs. 350 a day and nearly 500 on week-end market days. The question is will these autos be able to run profitably without such a huge subsidy.

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